Customer LINC Help

Lincoln Industries Customer LINC

The Lincoln Industries Customer LINC gives Lincoln Industries's customers a direct Internet link into the Lincoln Industries Workorder Management System. Registered users can log in via the World Wide Web and view real time order status for all of their in-house orders, including quantities, scheduled dates, location within the process flow and the order status.

Logging In - You must be registered to use the Lincoln Industries Customer LINC. Enter your User ID and Password. These are not case sensitive.

Sort By - You may choose to sort your orders by Part Number, Purchase Order Number, Finish Code or Order Status. Sorting by Order Status will display Shipped Orders first.

Display Orders - Press this button to display your first twenty orders. If you have more than twenty orders on the system, there will be a More Records . . . link at the bottom of the list.

Scheduled Date - This is the most current information reflecting the expected completion date. This is subject to change! Orders may be completed sooner than the Scheduled Date if a line happens to be running the correct processes and has additional capacity. Unfortunately, it can also be rescheduled to a later date due to line breakdowns or other emergencies. Please contact your customer service rep if you have questions about the Scheduled Completion Date for specific orders. (This column displays the actual Ship Date for shipped orders.)

Location - This column is meant to show the physical location of the parts. You will see three different entries in this column. The first is Line #. This will indicate the production line that is processing the parts. The next one is QC Lab. Orders will show up here if they are being inspected or if corrective action is being performed. Finally, some orders will show up at the Dock. If they are Completed or Shipped, they will show up at the Dock. Also, if they are In Transit between our polishing facility and the plating line, they will show up at the Dock.

Status - This column tells the status of the order. The Location column may say that the order is on the dock, but the status is needed to determine why it is at the dock. The following status descriptions may appear:
  • New- The order has been received and entered into the system, but has not yet been delivered to the production line.
  • New EDI - The order has been electronically entered into the system via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). It has not yet been physically verified at the receiving dock.
  • Requested- The production line has requested delivery of the order to the production line for processing.
  • At Line- The order is being processed but has not yet been completed.
  • Inspection- The order is at the QC Lab for Inspection.
  • Complete- The order has been completed and is awaiting preparation for shipment.
  • Rejected- The order has been sent back to the QC Lab for inspection or corrective action.
  • Shipped- The packing slip has been printed and placed with the order. At this point, they may be on the dock, on a truck or already delivered to the customer facility.
  • In Transit- A multi-finish order has been completed at one production line and has not yet been delivered to the next production line.